Sunday, May 29, 2011

And So It Begins...

Well, I guess I’ve finally come to the end of my rampant avoidance of a blog. I recently published my first novel, (it’s really awesome, you should check it out) and I need to work on establishing a “web presence”, so here it is!

I thought about a standard web page. It seems like a lot less pressure. You know, set it up, let it set there, try your best to direct traffic to it. Every now and then update it here and there. But then it hit me. I’m a writer now, and what self-respecting author doesn’t have a blog? (it’s rhetorical, don’t spend a lot of time trying to think of one)

So now comes the pressure of keeping a blog updated! Trying to think of things to write. And then the pressure of trying to be entertaining, and the question of why am I trying so hard to be entertaining and informative and stimulating? Is anyone going to read this?

I understand it takes a while to build a following. So should I wait to publish the good stuff when somebody is actually going to read it? Or do I start right off with my “A” game and take pride in my own abilities even though nobody reads it. (actually, that sounds a lot like my novel!)

I think maybe I’ll just keep changing the date on this post until I actually get a hit. (shhh, don’t tell anyone)

And speaking of my novel, (time for shameless plug) there’s all kinds of info one here about it, including a free sample! (and seriously, who doesn’t like free stuff?) I enjoyed writing it, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading it.

Alright, that’s about it for today. It’s time for BTVS. I’m going through the DVD’s once again. It’s season 3 and the Scooby gang is off to college.

Have a good one!