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Harold’s life as an accountant was pretty boring, and he liked it that way. He and his best friend Connie had grown up together in a California sea side community in relative anonymity, but their lives would change forever when they decided to stop for dinner at Mr. Doshi’s Chinese Take Out and Gift Emporium. Great personal tragedy, workplace espionage, and unbelievable destiny will rip them from their ho-hum lives and begin an adventure for the ages.

Harold Finn - Ninja Warrior  "The Warrior Within" is a first novel that  is a perfect summer read. Although it does deal with some serious issues, it is for the most part a quick paced, witty, adventure in the lives of two best friends.

I guarantee you will laugh out loud, maybe shed a tear or two, and finish not wanting to leave your new found friends.

The book is available for $1.99 in electronic forms at the Kindle Store, the Nook Book Store, and Smashwords. It is also available in paperback for $9.99 at

You can even read chapter 1 right here!